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10 Weird & Unusual Chocolate Combinations

You Just Won’t Believe Some Of these Really Weird Chocolate Combinations

They say chocolate goes with everything, but does it really? Here are some of the weirdest chocolate combinations I have come across, some of them I would to try and others I just don’t think I could. I will let you be the judge.

1. Banana Chocolate

Banana Chocolate_n

This one isn’t too bad actually, fruit and chocolate usually work, so I can see this one tasting ok.


2. Goats Cheese & Pear Bonbon

Goats cheese & Pear Bonbon

Ok, so goats cheese and pear work, I just don’t know about combining them with chocolate.


3. Mo’s Bacon Bar

Mo's Bacon Bar

This is an applewood smoked bacon bar. Having a hard time getting around a meat and chocolate bar, but I am sure there would be a few that might enjoy this.


4. Kaffir Lime Chocolate

Kaffir Lime Chocolate

This one as unusual as it is, I do like lime flavour, so I think this might be an ok one, a little refreshing maybe?


5. Lemon Grass With Peppercorn

Lemon Grass pink pepper

One for the White Chocolate lovers, this white ganache infused with lemon grass, the peppercorns are then garnished on top, what might sell this one is the hint of Vodka it is. This one I think is worth a try.


6. Red Fire Bar

red fire bar

Just as the name suggests this one is for the fiery lovers. it contains Mexican ancho & chipotle chillies, Ceylon cinnamon & dark chocolate. I am not one for hot so will pass on this one.


7. Chocolate Covered Insects

choc covered insects

Don’t think this one is for me either. I actually can’t believe they could sell these. I could imagine it would be smooth on the outside with a bit of crunch in the middle.


8. Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar

Stout & Caramel Chocolate

I can’t imagine what this would taste like but I am sure there would be a heard of men willing to give this one a try, and if it is anything like a liquer chocolate it might not be half bad. Vosges designed this masterpiece: dark chocolate infused with burnt sugar caramel, a hint of Alderwood smoked salt, and Rogue Ale’s Chocolate stout beer.


9. Black Pearl Bar

Black Pearl Bar

This combination sounds very Japanese/Asian inspired. I like the combination and would be interested to see how it is with chocolate. Includes ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds infused dark chocolate.


10. Lavender Truffles

Lavender Truffle

Lavender generally isn’t in a list of ingredients, so I thought this one was extremely unusual. Lavender infused truffles with Cardamom. I love the smell of lavender just not sure how my taste buds would react to them.

Source:-  Buzzfeed