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Boozy Chocolate and Whisky Cupcakes

This would be every guys dream cupcake – Chocolate and Whisky

Now everyone loves a cupcake, especially a chocolate cupcake. But if you are looking to spoil your husband or boyfriend, or even give your dad a treat, you cannot go past these cupcakes. The Chocolate and Whisky cupcake is sure to bring a big smile to their face – for a guy it is a match made in heaven ( well unless they are a beer drinker of course).

These cupcakes are definitely worth checking out, and if you are lucky, there maybe a couple left over that you can have too.

Check out Field of cake for the full article and recipe

“In honor of my dad (who enjoys Jack Daniels) I am sharing this recipe with you. As Always, there are three different recipes for this one cupcake.  We have the dark chocolate cupcake, the dark chocolate whiskey ganache filling and the dark chocolate whiskey buttercream.”