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Weirdest Fashion Show – All Made of Chocolate

Don’t Stand Out In The Sun Wearing These Outfits

I bet you have never seen a fashion show like this before. All the Clothes are made of Chocolate. Would you be tempted to take a bite out of your top.

Chefs and clothing designers teamed up at the 2010 Paris Salon Du Chocolate in Shangai China to create the most high calorie couture ever presented. Most of the outfits only survive the one night. I can guarantee you this is like something you have never seen before, maybe like a scene out of Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

The outfits will amaze you, and I would hate to think the amount of hours that went into hand crafting these designs, you wouldn’t want a hot day as your clothes would just melt away. Here are the photos of the Weirdest Chocolate Fashion Show.

Chocolate_dress 3

Choc outfit

choc outfit 4

choc outfit 3

Choc mask

Choc Dress

choc dress 2

choc jacket

Choc hat & top

choc hair


choc fairy

Source:- Wonderful Kaku